About Anne Horvath:

"I love working with clients on the purchase of their new home and try to make their experience as stress free and uncomplicated as I can throughout the process. This allows them to focus on the details involved in the real estate transaction and know that things will go as planned. In refinance transactions, it is really the same approach, to be as upfront and specific from the start of the transaction so things progress as the client expects them to and feels comfortable with the process all the way to the closing."

Anne Horvath has over twenty years of experience in the mortgage industry. After working at a variety of different lending institutions, in positions such as Vice President and Branch Manager, Anne easily transitioned to the Residential Mortgage Services family. Anne has also worked training loan officers, as well as structuring loans for the sales force and working with operations and sales to facilitate production from origination to post-closing. Anne studied at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, MA, earning degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology. In her spare time, Anne enjoys skiing, biking, and reading.